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Welcome To The Urban Retreat Center

The Science of Happiness suggests 6 areas of self cultivation. Our mind-body training is designed to fit within this simple approach to living well.

We offer a complete mind-body training program that improves mental and physical well-being. We follow Chan (Zen) and Taoist (Tai Chi) Philosophy to be more in the present moment. We train in order to better harmonize with changing conditions. The core of our curriculum includes neuroscience-based meditation practice which is essential to developing a calm mind and clear perception.

It's easy to join our training community. Explore our website to see all the ways our training can fit into your life.

Email or call Sifu Kelley Graham to make an appointment to see if our practice is for you.

Here's some ways to get started and receive the benefits of mind-body training.

See the Classes, Community, Retreat and Calendar pages for full descriptions, dates and times.